1. The SAZ is nice and comfy at Art metropole!!! Come by and take it for a spin and see which mini zine you will get!!

    I am currently applying SAZ to other shows, fingers crossed that we make it y’all : )

  2. Another beautiful mini zine from the talented Jeannie Phan! All the covers are hand drawn on with lovely shade of all sorts of colours! This zine is called, “Get Lost” Check out her website here and her blog here for more amazing editorial illustrations and artwork!! Be sure to grab your copy at Art Metropole in our S.A.Z Dispenser! 

  3. ALRIGHTALRIGHT This is the coolest, Nicole D’Amario you’ll ever meet. A Toronto based Illustratin’ babe. She did her mini zine on crazy nails- something I have seen grow ever-so popular (and stranger) over the pat few years. Check out her website here and her blog over here!

  4. Next S.A.Z up!! is Rosie Pea! A talented Toronto based Illustrator and Comics artist! a very very cute comic about, you guessed it- CATS!! check out more of her work here! and go to art metropole now to spin for a chance to get this gem! 

  5. This here is my baby girl, Tabban Soleimani! aka bonblivious She is one talented cookie and I could not be more proud of her. A Toronto based Illustrator and artist, her zine is as magical as she is- pick up yours at Art Metropole today!! ILUHYOUBON!! Check out her work here and follow her on ze twitta  

  6. This is Lisa Wilson! and Guess what?! ITS HER BIRTHDAY! Happy Birthday Lisa! here’s her zine titled, Falling in Love. Grab yours today at Art Metropole! Check out her recently updated website here and her blog over here

  7. As some of you may know, The S.A.Z vending machine has a new temporary home at Art Metropole! The deadline for the next submission is fast approaching! ( tmrw, ha ) please let me know if you’re anticipating a later delivery- I’ll be dropping off the new batch of submissions very soon! 

  8. S.A.Z has found a new temporary home at Art Metropole, an artist run contemporary art centre for artists books, video, audio, multiples, and other multiple media artworks!! They are going to be having their annual GRID SYSTEMS show starting Dec 5th, Please check it out! S.A.Z. is currently doing a Call for submissions! Please message for more details and instructions.

  9. S.A.Z update! I know it was been a while~ currently scouring Toronto for a new S.A.Z home! Stay tuned for a Call for submissions very soon! 

    UP NEXT: Andrea Manica! She one of the cutest illustrators I know, and she keeps a uber cute blog of her daily activities that you must check out here. Also, when you get the chance, check out her radio stream called Toast Radio!! comes with recipes- YUM 

  10. Next up is Jean Liang! with such a graphically beautiful zine featuring snippets of her upcoming animation. This is one talented little lady! Check her blog here and her videos here! 

  11. Chu Zhang is pretty much the cutest asian I know! She is also one of the ladies of Morico - a handmade line of clothing, accessories and toys- you MUST check em out! They will be at this years City of Craft in December! 

  12. nessleee:

    Yesterday at Canzine was a success! So much positive feedback and smiling faces. Thanks to everyone who came by and took the gamble with the bubblegum machine! It was so nice to see the artists work be so appreciated and loved! Stay tuned for the next S.A.Z event and follow this blog for more continued zine features by more talented artists !

  13. Emily Taylor makes the most beautiful things and draws the prettiest illustrations and is also very pretty haha. Yes, I have a lady crush. Please come by and grab her adorable zine! ALSO visit her table tomorrow where she’ll be selling her zines, prints and more!!! And you should definitely check out her shop here. and blog. everything.

  14. KiSung Koh is the most magical of them all- when I got this little package from him I couldn’t help but squeal. This guy is super talented and the world should know! You’re going to have to come quick to grab his zine as there is only a limited amount! You won’t regret it!  You MUST check out his work if you haven’t already. SWOON.

  15. Ness Lee , How to Seduce a Sumo